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In Pokemon Emerald players can find the Luvdisc on Route 128. Players can also fish from them using a super rod.

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Q: Where do you catch luvdisc in Pokemon emerald?
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Where to catch luvdisc in emerald?

it is in the Pokemon league where you use waterfall

Were can you find heart scales in Pokemon emerald?

Luvdisc sometimes is carrying them when you catch them, so catch lots.

Where can you catch luvdisc in pokemon emerald?

go outside victory road (south) and fish with the super rod

What level does luvdisc evolve in Pokemon emerald?

It doesn't

Where do you get a heart scale in emerald?

catch luvdisc or a rock on the shore in lilycove

Where are all the heart scales in emerald?

Luvdisc will always hold them, catch a bunch of them.

Where to get a heart scale in Pokemon emerald?

Wild luvdisc usually are holding them.

Where do you get the heart scale on Pokemon emerald?

1) catch luvdisc 2) thief from luvdisc Note: I usually go ever grande city to super rod for heart scales. It may not always have it, but there will always be luvdisc there with heart scale. It is also more common to fish up wailmer.

Where to get luvdisc in emerald?

In the Pokemon League. NEar the waterfall. Use a super Rod

Can you get male luvdisc in Pokemon Emerald?

i can get it every time it's not so rare.

What are all the ways you can get a heart scale on Pokemon emerald?

you go to route 128 and surf and use super rod to fish. you will find a pokemon called luvdisc and catch it and they usually are holding heart scales.

Where is heart scale in Pokemon emerald?

You can find them underwater or held by some wild Luvdisc.