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You need to go to theGoldenrod City Radio Tower and defeat the Team Rocket then you have to defeat the Gym Leader

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Q: What do you need to do to impress the dragons in dragon den?
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Where do you get dragon Pokemon in hgss?

dragons den

What dragons do you need to breed to get an eagle dragon on dragon story?

to breed an eagle dragon put a fire dragon on the left and a air dragon on the right in the breeding den have fun with your game (:

How do you get dragon Pokemon in dragon den in gold?

you must beat the 8th gym leader and she will grant you passage to dragons den

What is in dragons den?

Dragon types, And the gym leader Clair.

Where is the dragon master in Pokemon HeartGold?

the dragon master is in dragons den in blackthorn city

Where can you get a dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

you can get a dratini from a guy in dragons den in blackthorn city or you can catch one in the water in dragons den

How do you get into dragons den in SoulSilver?

You have to beat Clair the dragon gym leader

What dragon Pokemon are in the dragons den in crystal?

only dritini unfortunately

Where can you get the dragon fang in Pokemon HeartGold?

in dragons den you can also catch dratini's in there

How do you get a dragon's fang Pokemon Gold?

in the dragons den after you win the last bag

How do you get into dragons den in Pokemon Crystal?

To get into Dragon's Den, you need to have beaten Clair (Blackthorn City's gym leader). Once you have beaten her, the old man standing in front of the entrance will have moved. You might want to heal your Pokemon after battling Clair as there are trainers in Dragon's Den.

How do you get into the dragon's den in gold?

Beat the eighth gym leader, then she will tell you to go into the dragons den before she gives you the badge.