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in dragons den you can also catch dratini's in there

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Q: Where can you get the dragon fang in Pokemon HeartGold?
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What Pokemon evolves with a dragon fang?

No Pokemon actually evolves with a dragon fang. A dragon fang just raises the power of dragon-type moves.

What pokemon evolves with the dragon fang?

A Dragon Fang is not an item that makes Pokemon evolve. It just raises Dragon-type moves.

What Pokemon evolve by a dragon fang?

Nobody evolves from a dragon fang. Th Dragon Fang is used to power up the power of dragon type moves.

What is the best team of four Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver with movesets please?

this is my opinion 1.Metagross -Meteor Mash -earthquake -hammer arm -Psychic 2.Salamence -dragon dance -fire fang -ice fang -thunder fang ... pick the other 2

What does dragon fang do in Pokemon?

if you give it to a pokemon yhat has dragon attacks its power will increase

What Pokemon is attached with the dragon fang on Pokemon emerald?


What does the dragon fang do?

it is an item to be held by a pokemon. It is a gard and sharp fang that ups the power of Dragon-type moves.

What do you do with the dragon fang on Pokemon Platinum?

you give it two a Pokemon that knows dragon type moves.

Where do you get dragon fang in emerald?

You can get it by wild Pokemon such as seahorse (not always) and any other dragon type Pokemon.

Were do you get a dragon type Pokemon on HeartGold?

Dragon's Den or the Safari Zone.

Who evallse with a dragon fang-pokemon?

Dragon Fang isn't a evolution item, but a type-enhancing item. If a pokémon holds it, its Dragon moves will be boosted by 20%.

What does a dragon fang do in Pokemon fire red version?

it rases dragon pokemons power