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in the dragons den after you win the last bag

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Q: How do you get a dragon's fang Pokemon Gold?
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Where to get the dragon fang on Pokemon Gold?

go to the gym in blackthorn city, then surf behind it to the dragons den, it's in there

How do you get the dragons fang in Pokemon Gold?

you have to bet the gym leader then surf behind the gym and enter the everywhere and u will find it

Pokemon Gold Dragon's Fang?

the dragons fang is behind the blackthorn city's gym go into the cave then ladders then exit the cave then surf around find it..

Where can you get the dragon fang in Pokemon HeartGold?

in dragons den you can also catch dratini's in there

How do you get Clair out of the dragons den in Pokemon Gold and Silver?

I believe you get the dragon's fang because Clair is a sore loser. you have to surf to a house w/ elders and then somehow get to the fang... ^-^ If you mean when she isn't in the gym... Go to goldenrod city radio tower and beat team rocket

Were to get a razor fang in Pokemon gold?

You can get it at the Battle Frontier for 48 BP.

How do you teach your cat to walk alone and not run in the street?

How do you get the razor fang on pokemon gold?

How do you find the razor fang Pokemon heart gold?

battle frontier is all i know

How do you get thunder wave on Pokemon Gold?

How to get thunder wave on pokemon gold you can go in dragons den and there you can catch draniti who already knows thunderwave

Best Starting Pokemon?

on Pokemon dimand piplup gold todadile on another one charmander or bubasaur on Pokemon white snivy.on gold totadile because he can learn ice fang.

How do you get a dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon gold?

from the game corner or dragons cave or from the temple after beating Clair

How do you go in the dragons shrine in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you walk in 2 it =S