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Iron pickaxe,gold or diamond

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Q: What do you need to dig red stone in minecraft?
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What to do with red stone in minecraft?

Make a redstone circuit.

How do you mine red stone in minecraft?

iron pick axe

What is the red spotted stone on minecraft?

It is probably redstone ore.

How do you get red stone in minecraft?

You mine this rock called Redstone ore you need at least an iron pickaxe to get it and it will drop about 4-5 redstone

Where can you find red stone ore in minecraft?

Mostly, they can be found next to lava.

How do you light tnt on Minecraft 0.30?

you have to get red stone or a swich or a prusser plate.

What weapon is used to brake red stone on Minecraft?

you can break it with your hand, it breaks instantly

How do you harvest redstone on Minecraft?

First, find a red stone block. To obtain it, use a stone to diamond pickaxe on it. Collect your dust.

How do you use a red stone repeater in Minecraft?

You use a red stone repeater to delay redstone signals, to extend the range of redstone (12 blocks), or to transmit signals through solid blocks.

What tool do you use to mine red stone in minecraft pocket edition?

You have to use at least an iron pickaxe or better.

Where to find red stone on Minecraft pocket education?

Redstone develops within the vicinity of underground lava.

How do you get redstone on minecraft pocket edition survival?

U have to go mining. When u find a block with red ore in it, u have found red stone!!