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>.< Smeargle, Smeargle, SMEARGLE!! There is an Iron (or something along those lines) at the end of the cave, but that's really it. thought as much lol neway thanks for le answer at least now i dont have to do any unnecessary looking through

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Q: What do you get in artisan cave in Pokemon emerald?
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What Pokemon are in artisan cave on emerald.?

Only Smeargle.

Who is the Pokemon in artisan cave in emerald?

That would be Smeargle.

What Pokemon are in aritey cave Pokemon emerald?

If you mean Artisan Cave, you can only find Smeargle.

How do you get through artisan cave in Pokemon emerald?

that cave will open after beating the elite four near route 111

Pokemon emerald battle frontier Pokemon under the boulder?

its not under a boulder its smeargle and there everywhere in artisan cave.

What Pokemon do you getin the artisan cave in emerald?

Smeargle i hate them they only know paint and cant learn anyother move

How do you catch jirachi in artisan cave in Pokemon emerald?

you get jirachi by walking(so its roaming) or use game shark or action replay

How do you get to artisan cave on Pokemon Emerald?

Go to the battle frontier and go toward the battle palace notice a tree somewhere nearby go to it and use the wailmer pail on it it will attack! Its sudowoodo! Capture it or defeat it then surf down the waterfall and go to the left and into the cave now your in artisan cave.

Where is artisan cave in Pokemon indigo?

Click maps and scroll down until you see the artisan cave map click on it and your there.

Which Pokémon is in the cave of orgin in Pokémon Emerald?

There is no Pokemon in the Cave of Origin in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you get to the underwater cave in Pokemon emerald?

how 2 get in the under warter cave on Pokemon emerald

What do you do in artisan cave on Pokemon emerald?

All you can catch is smeargles- I like them alot.They have the move sketch,which basicly takes a move and uses it permanantly!REALLY cool.