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the same thing it did in all of the pokemon games, brave nature is one of four beneficial natures towards attack so it can get higher as a max number in comparison to all the others.

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Q: What does brave nature do in Pokemon white?
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What is the best flying pokemon in pokemon white?

the strongest flying type in the game is zapdos articuno or moltres

How do you get carmander in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

girl= brave nature boy=hardy nature (red and blue) girl= brave nature boy=docile nature (time and darkness)

What nature do you have to be a chimchar in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

if you are a female you have to be brave nature

How do you get a starter Pokemon with the brave nature?

Keep restarting and hope that you get lucky.

When does braivery want to learn brave bird in Pokemon white?

At level 63, Braviary can learn Brave Bird.

How do you get Charmander choosing him as a starter Pokemon in Pokemon explorer of the sky?

It is impossible but if u want to be a charmander so badly recruit on and make him the leader when you are able!! :-) "You can get charmander as your starter in explorers of sky. You have to have a brave nature for female and docile nature for male."

What is the perfet move set for Skarmorny in Pokemon platinum?

A good moveset for a Skarmory (Impish nature is the best for this set) would be: Brave Bird/ Roost/ Stealth Rock/ Whirlwind

What are Ash's Pokemon nature?

One opinion believes that his Charizard's nature is Rash, Squirtle's nature is bold, Bulbasaur's nature is Lonely, Pidgeotto's nature is Brave, Lapras is Serious and Pikachu is Bashful however another opinion is that both Charizard and Pikachu are Rash, Bulbasaur is Serious, Pidgeotto (also Pidgeot) is Brave, Totodile is Jolly, Chikorita (and Bayleef) is Mild, Noibat and Noivern is Timid, Primeape is Rash, Oshawott is Rash, Snivy is Serious and Gible along with Oshawott are both Impish.

Where do you find the TM brave bird on Pokemon Platinum?

Brave Bird is not a TM in the game. Some Pokemon, mostly Flying-type Pokemon, can learn the move by level up and/or by breeding.

What is the best Pokemon nature in Pokemon Diamond?

The best nature is the Beneficial Nature. It's really hard to get. None of my Pokemon have the Beneficial Nature.

What is best nature for Anorith?

Probley Brave or Modest

Where do you find the TM Brave Bird in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Brave Bird has never been a TM.