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you have to look at the piece of paper and the things that are on the piece of paper follow it

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Q: What do you do with the piece of paper of vegetable villain mission of club penguin?
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How do you finish the vegetable villain mission on club penguin?

you have to get the log and the paper

What is the order of the corn maze in club penguin mission Veggie villain?

you need the peices of paper and follow the paths where those idems are next to on the paper

Where are the pieces of paper on the vegetable villain in club penguin?

You find them on your way in the corn maze. Pick all of them up and combine them to know the further path of the maze.

How do you complete the vegetable villain mission on club penguin?

if ur at the maze get the paper and find the plank then go to the river and use plank on river

Where is all the pieces of paper in the vegetable villain?

You go and follow the gardening stuff path.

Where do you get the paper in club penguin mission 9?

From the penguin waiting in line and the dance club roof.

How do you read the paper on club penguin first mission?

if your talking about the news paper u cant

How do you rip the paper in club penguin G'S mission?

i cant get it can u

Where is paper for the mission on Club Penguin?

In the pet shop on the Puffle house.

Where do you get the plank of wood on club penguin for vegetable villan?

In the maze where the 4th piece of paper is!

Where do you find the paper to make the kite in the club penguin mission?

The paper is the Blueprints of the kite in the Gadget room.

Where is the plank of wood to cross the river in vegetable villain?

It is in the cornfield. Take the left path after you see the third piece of paper.