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You mean the TWIN GYM LEADERS. After defeat them, go to steven's house. He will give you HM-dive. After that, go to the sea and use the HM in darker sea surface. Wish you good luck.

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Q: What do you do when you defeated the two gym leaders in Pokemon emerald?
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In Pokemon emerald when can you rebattle the gym leaders?

you can only rebattle gym leaders when you have defeated the elite four, check your match call on the pokenav when you have

What is the last Pokemon gym leaders type in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get all the gym badges on Pokemon emerald?

Defeat all of the Gym leaders on Emerald. ~KKMG1

Where do you get the eight badges in Pokemon Emerald? beat the gym leaders

Who and where are the gym leaders in emerald?

There are gym leaders in almost every city and there are lots of different Pokemon and trainers in the gyms.

How do you fight dad at the gym Pokemon emerald?

after you beat 4 to 5 gym leaders you can face him

What is everything you do after you beat the third gym leader in Pokemon Emerald?

you build up your Pokemon higher than the gym leaders and the you kill the gym leaders Pokemon and as they all faint you will get a badge and you have to move on to nuger 4 gym leader

Can you fight ash and Gary in Pokemon emerald?

No. But, you can fight them (as gym leaders) In Pokemon Silver/Gold.

Can you rematch the the gym leaders in sapphire?

No, this feature is only available in Pokemon Emerald.

Where is the 7 badge in Pokemon emerald VBA?

It is on Mossdeep City. There are Twin Gym leaders

How do you register gym leaders like Roxanne in Pokemon Emerald?

You cannot. You can only do so in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

What do you do after you've defeated the gym leader in cerulean city Pokemon soulsilver?

It depends on where you are with the other gym leaders. Once you've defeated Misty, make sure you have defeated all of the other gym leaders so you can battle Red. If you need to battle other gym leaders still, make sure you woke up that Snorlax in Vermilion.