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You can´t do more field ops, but Club Penguin has some big plans for the EPF. If you´re bored, you can go to fun Stuff and play some PSA missions

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Q: What do you do when the phone on club penguin says field-ops offline?
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Can you play Club Penguin on a phone?

you cant play club penguin on the phone

Where do you get the spy phone pin?

At club Penguin! At club Penguin!

What is spy phone in club penguin?

a spyphone is a phone on club penguin epf agents use

How do you fix the offline fild-opps in club penguin?

You don't. It will get fixed by itself................ when it has to.

How do you make the phone to ring in Phoning Facility in Club Penguin?

You can't make the phone ring in the Phoning Facility in Club Penguin!

Where is the old spy phone club penguin?

the old spy phone from club penguin has been changed into a new one for the new agency

How do you change the date on Club Penguin?

You cannot change the time of Club Penguin. the time is fixed so you cannot change but if you are offline, you still can see the time of club penguin by going to this website:

On club penguin does it mean your real phone number or your penguin number?


Does Club Penguin have a phone number?

Yes, they do.

If You Were Banned On Club Penguin Do You Lose Your Agent Phone?

NO!!! You do not lose your phone.

Where are tools in Club Penguin?

On the club penguin gadget phone. You can get them by pressing the red button on the top on the gadget phone. The 3 tools are a wrench, comb, and scissors.

What is the address and phone number for the Club Penguin?