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Turn it off blow on it or clean it try again.

Unless you used a "cheating" device such as Action Replay or Datel. Then chances are there won't be any unfreezing, so much as starting your game anew. (Meaning, New Game.)

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Q: What do you do to unfreeze your game in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you unfreeze time in Pokemon sapphire?

If you do a trade with a FireRed or LeafGreen version, the clock problem should be automatically fixed.

Does the Game Boy Advance play Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, Pokemon FireRed was made for the Game Boy Advance.

What is Pokemon FireRed?

A Game

Why does the FireRed Pokemon modifier freeze my Shining Opal FireRed hack game?

The FireRed Pokemon does freeze on your Shining Opal FireRed hack game because your RAM is low.

What Pokemon can you get from the game corner on Pokemon FireRed?


Can you unfreeze your game if you get missingno in Pokemon diamond?

No _________________________________________________________________ it is not pssoibe please dont cheat

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon FireRed using Nintendo DS?

no you can only trade using a game boy to a game boy with the link cable.

Is FireRed for Game Boy color?

No, Pokemon FireRed version is for GBA.

What does the Pokemon FireRed game look like?

It is red and it says Pokemon FireRed version or something like that.

What do you do in Pokemon Mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

You go and get trolled THE GAME

What game has a aerodactyl or a kabuto that you can trade to your Pokemon emerald game?

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen

Can you catch Palkia in Pokemon FireRed?

ummm no palkia is a 4 generation Pokemon firered is a 1 generation game