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Chimchar is not obtainable in Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen. The game it is in (Such as; Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum.) is unable to connect to FireRed, unless migrating Pokemon from it, but Pokemon cannot be transferred into the Gameboy Advance games.

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Q: Where do you find a Chimchar in Pokemon FireRed?
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Do Pokemon FireRed have chimchar on pokemopn Pokemon FireRed leafgreen?

no it does not. the games for the ds will have it

Where do you find chimchar in FireRed?

As much as people wish they could, you cannot find Chimchar in Fire Red.

Can you catch chinchou on Pokemon firered?

Do you mean Chimchar? If thats it no if thats not it the pokemon chinchou dosen't exist

How do you get Chameleon in Pokemon Diamond?

Chimchar is a starter pokemon so you can choose him with Barry at the beginning.

Where can you find Infernape on Pokemon indigo?

start with chimchar start with chimchar

Where can you see chimchar FireRed?

There's no Chimchar in this version..sorry!

Where do you cache a Pokemon chimhar?

where in the wild do you find Pokemon chimchar

Pokemon LeafGreen where can you find chimchar?


Can you find chimchar in stark mountain?

No, chimchar can not be find in wild, if you want one put a ditto and if your starter is chimchar and now is infernape put them both in daycare to make an egg and it will hatch a newly chimchar

Where to find chimchar in Pokemon?

You can choose it at the beginning as your starter pokemon. You can trade for it. But you can not find it wild.

Where can you find a Chimchar in Pokemon indigo?

you cant get a chimchar in Pokemon indigo unless you goto the trade center and then press latest trades

Where do you find chimchar in Pokemon pearl?

either choose Chimchar as your starter Pokemon and when it is a Infernape, breed it with a ditto. or just have a friend do it and then trade