What do you do to lay an egg?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well you have to be that type of animal in that situation,then fertillise the egg and it will hatch to whatever type of animal.

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Q: What do you do to lay an egg?
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How will a Australian egg lay an egg?

no egg can lay another egg because they have not been born yet when the egg has hatched and it has grew up then they can lay an egg of there own.

Where does cockroach lay egg?

If they hide there, they lay the egg there too.

Does chameleon haves babies or lay egg?

lay egg

How do you get a parrot to lay in egg?

It will lay an egg eventually if you put the opposite gender /male a female might lay an egg.

Does a clam give birth or lay egg?

lay an egg. check

Can a Pokemon that's a male lay a egg in platinum?

in this case you need a ditto ditto will lay an egg with almost anyone. but a male can not lay an egg.

Can a roaster ever lay an an egg or similar as an egg?

Roosters cannot lay eggs.

Do blue footed boobies lay 1 egg or more and how many do they lay?

they lay more than 1 egg.

How do you get a golden egg on gaia?

lay a egg.

Can mew lay an egg if it is not lv 100 on Pokemon platnium?

Mew can't lay an egg.

When is the chicken going to lay an egg?

Usually, a hen will lay an egg six months after it has hatched.

Do reptiles lay eggs on land or in a nest?

Some reptiles lay egg in the nest and some reptiles lay egg on the land.