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you can change ur cloths and u can go on a quest do anything u like but I'm going to get my life at spetmber the 5

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Q: What do you do on a my life console?
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How do you get the gym lesson in the my life console?

you tell me!

On the my life console how to you get the super medicine?

YoU go to the hospital

How do you earn money on the my life console?

Ask the Nubs.

How do you reset My Life Console?

You press reset and hold A and B

How do you do homework on my life console?

To do homework on your life console, you can create a digital or physical planner, set reminders for important deadlines, organize your tasks by priority, and allocate specific study times. Additionally, utilize productivity apps and resources available on your life console to maximize efficiency and stay on top of your assignments.

What can you do on my life consol?

Your life console game is where yo be you in your life. You play games,chat,go to the mall and just hang out and have fun!

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How do you reset the My life handheld portable console?

You just push the heart, A, and B buttons

Is their a boys my life console?

no never definitely not! it is only girls. they have gameboys like nintendos

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