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You press reset and hold A and B

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Q: How do you reset My Life Console?
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How do you reset the My life handheld portable console?

You just push the heart, A, and B buttons

How do you reset the my life handheld game?

To reset your handheld My LIFE game hold down the A + B and the heart/tick and then turn your console game Charlie will ask if you want to reset your game say yes and then you have to make your character again.

How do reset a Nintendo 64?


Can you remove your Xbox 360 harddrive while the console is on?

Yes. However, the console will reset itself.

How do you reset the dreamcast console?

you take a tooth-pick and find the reset button and when you find it use the tooth-pick to reset it

How do you reset the xbox 360 console?

Press the power button.

How do you get out of the hospital My Life console?

You must go to the doctor and buy medicines. If you don't have money to buy medicines,reset the game. *Reset the game: 1.Turn off your console. 2.Press the "A" button,the "B" button and the menu button(the button with that heart) together. 3.Turn on your console when you are still pressing the buttons from step 2. 4.Turn on your console,press "A" button twice and fill the spaces with information.

How do you exit the Dr's in a my life console game?

if your sick and you get sent their you have to buy medicine and use it before you can leave but if you dont have enough money you have to go and buy a magic card or reset your my life.

How do you reset the overhead console to show gas used and range?

Press the button.

On the my life console how do you get out of the hospital?

u have 2 either have 2 wait 3 mins or select cure (super medicine) nd then ur done or u can reset

Can you reset your dsi after updating software?

Yes, you can do a full reset. The new firmware won't be wiped, it's on a protected part of the DSi's memory that won't be removed if the console is reset.

Oil Life Reset?

Reset vw beattle

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