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you have to show the person inside his house and he will give u it

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Q: What do you do if bill didn't give you the item finder in Pokemon soul silver?
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Where do you get the item finder in Pokemon soul silver?

In pokemon soul silver you get the item finder (dowsing mchn) in Ecruteak city. An ace trainer will give it to you. He is in the house on the left of the pokemon center and right of the gym. Hope this helped.

Where is bill Pokemon Silver?

He is in Goldenrod City.

Which Pokemon did Bill tell his grandad in Pokemon Soul Silver?


Who is bill in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Bill does not appear in Pokemon diamond and pearl, he is mentioned by bebe( the computer person in hearthome). Bill is the computer in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Where is bill in Pokemon Soul Silver?

At his mom's house in Goldenrod.

Where does Bill's grandpa live in Pokemon Silver?

near the cape

How do you get bill to give you special stones in Pokemon soul silver?

you smell

What Pokemon is bill looking for in route 25 in soul silver?


Where is evee in Pokemon Silver?

Bill will give it to you in goldenrod city I think

Which Pokemon does bill tell his grandad about in soul silver?

i dont have a clue

On Pokemon silver how do you get under bills house?

You can't get under bill's house.

Where do you get a leafstone in Pokemon Silver?

Take an oddish to Bill's grandfather on route 25