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The president of the sylph co. gives you lapras and the master ball

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Q: What do you do after you get selphy from the lost cave in Pokemon fire red?
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What are the directions of rescuing selphy in lost cave in Pokemon FireRed version?

we dont now

What cave is lady selphy in?

lost cave dome

Where would you find selphy on pokemon firered?

Lady Selphy is a rich girl in Pokémon FireRed. You can battle her in the Lost Cave area. After you defeat her she goes back to her house.

Who is Selphey in Pokemon FireRed version?

I think she is the person you save in LOST CAVE!HOPE I HELPED!No there is no Selphy. If your talking about the girl you save in the cave it's lostlie or something.

Where to find Sophie in FireRed?

You mean selphy right? Well she is located at the end of lost cave on five island.

What items are in the lost cave?

A Lax Incense, Sea Incense, Max Revive, Rare Candy and Silk Scarf can be found in the Lost Cave. The Silk Scarf is obtained after helping Selphy.

How do you save lady selphy in Pokemon Firered?

Selphy is found in "The Lost Cave" on Five Island. Solve the maze and then battle her two Persians. After that you will appear outside her house.To find Selphy, you go to the lost cave and from the first room, go: right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, and up. After you find her, talk to her and she will battle you with two lv. 49 Persians. Them you will appear back at her house. If you talk to her, she will tell you a Pokemon she wants to see. If you bring it to her, she will give you a luxury ball.Also, if you give her enough Pokemon, she'll give you rarer items. For example, I got Pearls, Big Pearls and Nuggets.

Pokemon fire red how to navigate lost cave?

Start in the room with the hiker in it then go right then in the next room go up then in the next room go down in the next room go down again in the next room go right in the next room go left then in the next room go down in the next room go right and finally go up you will find a trainer named Selphy she will battle you then take you to her home leave then retalk to her she will ask to see a certain Pokemon show her it and you will win a valuable prize, go back to the room where you found selphy in lost cave there will be a silk scarf in the room.

In Pokemon LeafGreen what is in lost cave?

How to get to lost cave in leaf green??

Pokemon LeafGreen what is Selphy's house in Resort Gorgeous?

Note: you must have rescued lady selphy in the lost cave, and captured most of the Pokemon in the pokedex. selphy's house is on island five, resort gorgeus before talking to lady selphy, save. she will ask you to show her a Pokemon. if this Pokemon is in your party or PC, fly quickly to the pokecenter and claim that Pokemon. use surf to go back to resort gorgeus and show her the Pokemon. if you take to long, she'll get bored and ask you to show her another Pokemon. if you show her the Pokemon before she gets bored, she'll ask Sebastian (a man will appear out of nowhere) to give you something in return. these are what he'll give you luxury ball: common pearl/big pearl: rarely nugget: almost never Actually you can also get stardust which is rare

How do you find Selphy in lost cave in FireRed and LeafGreen?

Answerrr.Follow these wise steps to navigate the cave: Go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, and up. After that, you'll reach Lady Selphy, who'll battle you with two lv. 49 Persian. After defeating her, she'll take you to her house, which was the empty house you passed by earlier. Go talk to her when you have the Pokemon she wants to see, and she'll give you a Luxury Ball or Rare Candy or other random item. For items in the Lost Cave, go back and follow these steps for the items you want (begin at the start): Lax Incrense - right, downMax Revive - right, up, down, down, right, rightRare Candy - right, up, down, down, right, left, down, leftSea Incense - right, up, down, upHope i helped =]Also, if you go back to the room that you found Selphy in, there will be a silk scarf there as well.

Inpokemon fire red how do you find lady selphy?

If you get access to the Rainbow Islands, go to "Five Island", go through "Water Labyrinth", Surf up to Resort Gorgeous, keep on going left until you reach a cave. It is Lost cave.Note: You had to have beat the Elite 4.There is a puzzle.Here's a link for the Lost cave map.