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Note: you must have rescued lady selphy in the lost cave, and captured most of the Pokemon in the pokedex.

selphy's house is on island five, resort gorgeus before talking to lady selphy, save. she will ask you to show her a Pokemon. if this Pokemon is in your party or PC, fly quickly to the pokecenter and claim that Pokemon. use surf to go back to resort gorgeus and show her the Pokemon. if you take to long, she'll get bored and ask you to show her another Pokemon. if you show her the Pokemon before she gets bored, she'll ask Sebastian (a man will appear out of nowhere) to give you something in return.

these are what he'll give you luxury ball: common pearl/big pearl: rarely nugget: almost never

Actually you can also get stardust which is rare

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Q: Pokemon LeafGreen what is Selphy's house in Resort Gorgeous?
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How do you get lots of money on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Have a Pokemon hold amulet coin and constantly beat all the trainers on resort gorgeous.

How do you get to resort gorgeous on Pokemon LeafGreen?

use SURF then go north then east where the fishing guy is on 5 island

Where is the lost cave in Pokemon firered and leafgreen?

you find lost cave on leaf green on 5 island. after resort gorgeous.

Where to find hopip in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokemon LeafGreen Hoppip can be found at Five Island, Resort Gorgeous, Five Isle Meadow and Memorial Pillar. It can also be found by surfing in Water Labyrinth and Memorial Pillar.

Where do you find the lost cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to five island. Surf north to Resort Gorgeous then surf east from there to find lost cave.

Where do you catch misdreavus Pokemon LeafGreen?

In lost cave which is located at five island go north to resort gorgeous then go east to find the cave.

How do you get hoppip in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can find hoppip on five island in the water use Surf and then just travel around resort gorgeous until it shows up.

How do you get lots of money in LeafGreen?

Constantly rematch the trainers around resort gorgeous which is on five island.

Where can you catch remoraid in pokemon LeafGreen?

Five Isle Meadow Green Path Memorial Pillar Outcast Island Resort Gorgeous Tanoby Ruins Trainer Tower Water Labyrinth Water Path

How do you find Togepi in Pokemon FireRed?

There is a gentleman on five island in resort gorgeous that will give you an egg inside is togepi he can be found in the western part of resort gorgeous you must pass a few rocks to get to him you must show him a Pokemon that is loyal to you so he gives you the egg hatch it to get togepi.

How do you get to resort gorgeous?

Resort gorgeous is the northern portion of five island to go there simply use the HM Surf.

Where do you find Togepi in leafgreen?

Go to five island and surf to resort gorgeous now instead of heading up to lost cave go left and navigate through some rocks and you will see a small island there is a gentleman and a girl, talk to the gentleman after changing your order of your Pokemon by putting a Pokemon that really likes you first in the party the gentleman will notice the Pokemon and give you an egg next hatch it and its togepi.Go to 5 island and head north using Surf to Resort Gorgeous head west and pass some rocks talk to the gentleman and show him a Pokemon that is loyal to you he will give you an egg hatch it to receive togepi.