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1st time: chase the murkrow to the generator

2nd time: go to the underground in goldenrod city. You'll see a mechanized door with a red light. Open it with the basement key you got from petrel, but make sure you're Pokemon are healthy because you're rival will showw up there.

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Q: What do you do after you beat Petrel in Pokemon HeartGold?
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How do you finish Pokemon HeartGold?

Beat Red

What Pokemon can beat red the easiest on heartgold?

arceus will beat him easily.

Are you done Pokemon HeartGold after you beat red?

Do you have every Pokemon in the game? If not, NO!

How do you beat Team Rocket in Pokemon Heartgold?

you batle them

Where to get rock climb in Pokemon HeartGold?

you get it AFTER you beat blue

What to do next after catching the Ho-oh in Pokemon heartgold?

beat the pokemon leauge

What happens after you beat the Pokemon league for the second time in Pokemon heartgold?


IS this a good team to beat red in Pokemon HeartGold?

you need a rock Pokemon to beat pikachu but i cant remember what is after

Pokemon HeartGold do you have to beat the elite four to get to kanto?


How do you get to the other regions after you beat red in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant

What do you do after you beat morty on Pokemon HeartGold?

you keep on battling the gyms

In Pokemon HeartGold what do you have to do in johoto?

Primarily beat the gym leaders and beat the elite four