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you keep on battling the gyms

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Q: What do you do after you beat morty on Pokemon HeartGold?
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What do you do after you beat morty on Pokemon Crystal?

myyy but is big

Where is the 4 gym badge in Pokemon Heartgold?

It is in Ecrutuk city the leader is morty who uses ghost type Pokemon

Where is shadow ball in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can obtain the TM Shadow Ball when you defeat Morty in Ecruteak.

Where do you go after you beat morty in Pokemon silver?

go left of the city

Where do you get an Eevee on Pokemon HeartGold?

After beating Morty, go to Bill's house in Goldenrod. It is left at the first chance you get.

How do you finish Pokemon HeartGold?

Beat Red

Pokemon HeartGold where is the forth gym?

The fourth gym is in Ecruteak City. It is a ghost type gym and the leader is named Morty.

What Pokemon can beat red the easiest on heartgold?

arceus will beat him easily.

Are you done Pokemon HeartGold after you beat red?

Do you have every Pokemon in the game? If not, NO!

How do you beat Team Rocket in Pokemon Heartgold?

you batle them

Where to get rock climb in Pokemon HeartGold?

you get it AFTER you beat blue

What happens after you beat the Pokemon league for the second time in Pokemon heartgold?