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You just go through digletts cave to the east of the gym and then you go south (once out of the other end of the cave) and in a house you can get the HM flash (but you need to have captured 10 pokemon first though), then go back through the cave and go to Cearluron (where the gym leader is misty, and ou have to go through the tunnel to get there) and to the east there's a path with trainers that leads to a cave which you have to use flash in to see where you are going.

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Q: What do you do after you beat Lt Surge in LeafGreen?
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Where do you go after you beat misty?

I suggest lt. surge in vermillion city

How do you get to LT SURGE on pokemon's LeafGreen?

Once you cut the tree in Vermillon City, enter the gym. There are bins everywhere. Check everyone until you get 2 switches activated. LT Surge has 3 strong Pokemon.

In Pokemon Yellow why wont she give me squrtle?

Beat Lt. Surge first.

How to get the ninth badge in Pokemon Gold?

go to kanto and beat lt surge

What do you do after you beat lt surge in Pokemon FireRed?

blah blah blah by josh

How do you get past lt surge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't because you might not have a Walk Through Walls cheat/Tweaking glitch.

When you beat gym leader three what do you do Pokemon LeafGreen?

When you beat Lt. surge, go up to cerulean city. From there, head out east. You should eventually end up at rock tunnel. Use flash to make it through there and you will end up in Lavender town.

Where do you get squrtle in Pokemon Yellow?

Officer Jenny gives it to you after you beat Lt. Surge in his gym

How do you beat lt surge in soul silver?

get some good pokemons (lv 100 beat him up easly!) or trade! :)

Where do you get shock wave in Pokemon fire red?

in vermilion city, after you beat LT. SURGE he gives it to you with the THUNDERBADGE

What level are Lt. Surge's Pokemon?

LT. Surge has a level 28 Raichu and that's it.

Why cant i fly in Kanto in Pokemon?

You don't have the 3rd badge. Go back to vermillion and beat Lt. Surge.