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you'll get lt surge phone number at the power plant but put pikachu in your team first

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Q: How do you get lt surge's phone number in soulsilver?
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Where do you get lt surges number?

Find him at the power plant, show him a Pikachu and then he'll give you his phone number.

Where do you find Lt surge after you have his phone number?

after you have Lt. surges' s phone number he'll be in his gym call him Friday mornings then he will be waiting in the fighting dojo in saffron city ( every gym leader will be waiting in the dojo after you arrange a rematch)

How do you crack lt surges code?

find 2keys in the trash cans, that will open the door

How do you get Lt Surge's phone number on Pokemon soulsilver?

Lt. Surge can be found outside the Power Plant in the Kanto region every day between 9 AM and 12 PM which is the time in which you can interact with him in order to get his number registered in your Pokégear however you can only find him outside the Power Plant after you have captured the Legendary Pokémon that is known as Zapdos.

How do you get Lt surge phone number in soul silver?

To get Lt. Surge's phone number, you must go to the Power Plant in Kanto (near Cerulean City) in the morning time (before 10:00 a.m.) and show him a Pikachu you caught in the Viridian Forest. If you do, he'll give you his phone number.

What city is after lt surges gym in pokemon red?

After beating Lt. Surge at Vermillion City and acquiring the Thunder Badge, make you way to Celadon City to win your Rainbow Badge from Erika.

Where is the copycats lost doll?

at lt. surges city is go to the Pokemon fan club and talk to the fat guy in the middle of the room

How do you get past lt. surges fence in Pokemon soul silver?

Find the two switches in the trash cans in the gym. To do this, go to a trash can and press the A button.

Pokemon FireRed LT surges Pokemon?

its probably going to be a pikachu, voltorb, and a raichu at levels 24 or higher. for sure raichu might be lvl 27

What town do you start in once you get to the Kanto region in Pokemon soulsilver?

You will arrive in Vermillion city after from Olivine. Lt. Surge, the electric gym leader, is here.

How do you get LtSurge's number in HeartGold?

On Fridays before 10 a.m., Lt. Surge is at the Power Plant. If you give him a Pikachu from the Viridian Forest, he'll trade you for his French Pikachu. Once the exchange is done, you can get his phone number.

What kind of phone does Soulja Boy have?

He Has a t mobile sidekick Lt 3