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Go to Hearthome city,follow the path to Solaceon town,and go to the third gym in Veilstone city.

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Q: What do you do after you beat Gardenia?
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Where do you find gardenia when she is not in her gym?

she is there but first u must find all of the trainers in her gym and beat them, gardenia will appear.

Who is Gardenia in Pokemon Pearl?

gardenia is the grass gym leader of eterna city u can see her at the haunted house but u must beat her in a gym battle

Where d you get the TM ice beam in Pokemon platinum to beat Gardinia?

You will have to trade for the Ice Beam TM if you want it to defeat Gardenia because the Ice Beam TM cannot be found until you get to Route 216 and you will need to beat Gardenia before you can continue on.

When does looker go into the galactic building on Pokemon platinium?

He goes in the building after you beat the gym leader gardenia

How to save the bike owner in Pokemon diamond?

You have to beat the gym leader gardenia then cut the trees in the top of the town beat every trainer and võilá you can get a bike

How do you get to team galactica's warehouse?

if you mean the one in eterna city, you have to have the hm for cut and beat gardenia. beating gardenia allows you to use cut outside of battle. then you use cut on any tree.

How do you look after your gardenia?

how do I look after my Gardenia Can I grow Gardenia out side in Cyprus

Where is the old chatou in pearl?

In Eterna Forest. To get in, you need to use Cut. You can use Cut outside of battle after you beat Gardenia

What is the 4p's of gardenia?

what are the 4P's of gardenia?

Scientific name for gardenia?

200 different species of gardenia including Gardenia jasminoides, G. jasminoides fortunata, G. nitida, G. radicans floreplena, G. thunbergia, G. rothmania are members of the madder or Rubiaceae family.

What is the Tagalog of the word gardenia?

Tagalog translation of GARDENIA: rosal

Where is the city of Gardenia?

there is no city named gardenia, but various places around the world called Gardenia Park