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You could play with your other friends in High Link or Dream World. Have you caught Kyruem(sorry if its spelled wrong) yet? He's found in a place called Giant Hole/Great hall he's part of the Tao Trio Legend you learn about. Catch/Raise Pokemon,or you can go to the Battle Subway or that Battle Testing Facility or you can just start a whole new adventure!

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Q: What do you do after finding the six sages and beating the Elite Four and Adeku in Pokemon White?
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What level is the champion adeku when you 1st fight him in Pokemon black and white?

When you finally manage to fight him, his Pokemon will be levels 75 to level 77. But after beating the elite for twice to get to him you should be fine.

How do you win with champion Pokemon league?

By beating the elite for then Beating the champion.

What can you do after beating the elite four?

in what game of Pokemon

What do you do after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon emerald?


What are all the glitches in Pokemon FireRed?

unfortunately there isn't any. exept finding mew in the lost cave after beating elite four 111 times

How do you get out of the elite four after beating them in Pokemon emerald?

Beat them and the champion

In Pokemon LeafGreen who to go to when you have 60 Pokemon?

Prof oak after beating the elite four.

Where do you find the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon white?

At 'N's Castle after beating the Elite Four.

Can you get a dusk stone without beating the elite four in Pokemon soul silver?

hacks. and pokemon that are able to evolve with the dusk stone won't until you get the new pokedex (after beating the elite four)

How do you pass Pokemon Gold?

by beating the Elite four. no i TRIED THAT ass

Can you trade Pokemon from emerald without beating elite four?


How do you get to marvolous bridge in Pokemon White?

You can go there after beating the elite four.