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Q: How much total money do you get from beating the elite four in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get more money in Pokemon HG?

you get more money by selling items and beating pokemon trainers and the elite four and champion if you beat the elite four and champion or you don't have strong pokemon and you have rares i cant help you with that (I'm like that)

How do you get a lot of money in Pokemon diamond?

You get an amulet coin and keep battling the elite four

How do you get a lot of money in Pokemon platinum?

well keep beating the elite four over and over or maybe get a action replay

What is the easiest way to get a lot of money in Pokemon diamond?

elite 4 with amulet coin and pay day

How do you get free money on Pokemon Pearl?

When 6 of your best Pokemon reach to at least level 70, keep beating the Elite Four. This way is very easy. If you don't want to hack, there is no way of getting free money in Pokemon. You have to take time in training your Pokemon to beat the Elite Four.

Where can you find lots of money on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't directly find lots of money.. I would suggest beating the Elite Four a couple of times, it will net you some

What happens when you beat the elite 4 three times in diamond?

Nothing significant happens if you beat the Elite 4 three times in Pokemon Diamond, unless you include acquiring huge amounts of money and leveling up your Pokemon a very good amount.

What can you get for beating the elite fore in Pokemon sappier?

You get quite a few things. First, you get into the Hall of fame. Second you get alot of money. Third, you get access to the battle tower.

Pokemon platinum Where is a good place to earn money before beating elite 4?

you dont need money with all your savings you can pay the eñite four buy alot of revives and hyper potions

How do you get some money by Pokemon FireRed?

You get money by selling items or beating other trainers in a Pokemon battle

What do you do after you beat your 8th badge in Pokemon ruby?

Elite 4 and the champion of course! But it's really difficult to defeat them,You need: #1#Level 55+ pokemon (Including Groundon) #2#Money! #3#saving(saving after every elite) #4#Heal all of your pokemon after beating Drake #5#someone to cheer you up

How do you get 9999 coins in game corner easily in Pokemon Yellow?

put the amulet coin on to your first Pokemon in your team then keep on beating the elite four and the campion about15 times then spend most of the money/or all of it / on 10,000 coins