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you go on to beat the Jhoto. I hate it how people type answers their unsure of! or somthing innapropriat so theres the answer

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Q: What do you do after Pokemon league in crystal version?
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How do you trade Pokemon from gold version to crystal version?

If you can trade Pokemon from crystal version to gold version my guess is yes

Witch Pokemon version has the most leagues?

Pokemon Crystal allows you to travel to Kanto and eventually participate in the Indigo League at the Indigo Plateau, after becoming Johto League Champion.

How do you trade from crystal to crystal?

To trade Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal version to another version of Crystal you need to use a link cable. You can also battle this way.

Where do you find Heracross in Pokemon Crystal Version?

In Pokemon Crystal Version, a Heracross will occasionally appear when you use headbutt on trees.

What is the last version of Pokemon in GBC?

Crystal version.

Where is the communication center in Pokemon Crystal?

In Goldenrod city, but only in the Japenese version of Pokemon Crystal.

How do you get elms last Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal version?

you can't.

How do i get an EON MAIL in Pokemon Crystal?

By trading one from gold/silver and cloning it Dani (the girl Pokemon trainer on Pokemon crystal version) By trading one from gold/silver and cloning it Dani (the girl Pokemon trainer on Pokemon crystal version)

Why does Pokemon Crystal not include Mewtwo?

Crystal does not have Mewtwo. Instead it has Ho-oh after you beat the Pokemon league.

It is possible to trade a Pokemon from crystal version to gold version?


Is there a Pokemon version with all the leagues seen in the tv series?

no each league had a different game kanto league had red blue and yellow johto league had gold silver crystal (this also had knto league) hoen league had ruby sapphire and emerald sinnoh league is the pearl diamond and platinum version

Do you have to beat the Pokemon league before you can clone Pokemon in crystal?