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It should play on Wednesday.

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Q: What day does the lullaby song play in Pokemon heart gold?
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Can i Play with my friend if he has Pokemon heart gold and i have Pokemon soulsilver?

yes you can

Which versions you have to play to get all 493 Pokemon?

Pokemon Diamond,Pokemon Pearl,pokemon platinum,pokemon heart gold and soulsilver.

How do you play Pokemon Heart gold or soul silver online for free?

you can't

In Pokemon how do you evolve a yamaga?

i thing pokemon's rubbish but one of my friends play it and they think that you can't unless you play on heart gold

Were to get a Deoxy in Pokemon HeartGold?

theres some how to get a deoxys in Pokemon heart gold but if you don't how use action re play

Can you play Pokemon games such as heart gold soul silver and platinum on the Nintendo 3ds?


What do you need to play Pokemon shiny gold?

k first its heart gold not "shiny gold" and all u need is the ds

If you buy Pokemon heart gold off will it be in English?

No,it will still be in Japanese You have to wait until it is released in English

Can you play Pokemon gold version on the ds?

no EDIT;; No, but there is a Heart Gold coming out the 14th in USA and the 26th in Europe. 25th or 27th in Australia, I think. All in March. :)

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon White to Pokemon gold?

well, u cant but u can send pokemon from pokemon heart gold to pokemon white by completing white and go to this place outside of the old bridge i think and u can migrate them and u play a little game to catch those migrated pokemon and then u have them . hope i helped ☺

How do you get Arceus on heart gold?

you play the game

You play Pokemon gold you save the game but the next time you play it your file is gone?

If you are playing the original Gold game: You caught either a Missingno. (I'm pretty sure you didn't) or you caught the Red Gyarados. It's sad, but the Red Gyarados in Gold has a horrible glitch in it that has a chance of doing what you just described. If you are playing Heart Gold: I have no idea what happened. The Gyarados glitch does not occur in Heart Gold.