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wild Pokemon are less likely to appear if you play it while walking around

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Q: What happens if it is that annoying lullaby on the radio station on soul silver?
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How do you wake the Snorlax in soul silver?

Play your radio, then talk to it. For me I just had to play the Pokemon music station but there is also this Pokemon lullaby at the very top of the radio selection list that people say that is what you're suppost to do(it wasn't for me though). I could be wrong -->(i forget) but in order to get the Pokemon lullaby one, i think you have to save the radio station from team rocket then go to a radio station somewhere(in Kanto somewhere). they should give it to you for thanks. i could be wrong and if I am, please, someone improve my answer.

When was Silver Lake - NLR station - created?

Silver Lake - NLR station - was created in 2002.

How do you get the Magikarp to leave?

use a repel or at night use the radio (soul silver/ heart gold) on lullaby's

Where get the Pokemon remoraid in soul silver?

VERY ANNOYING!! i caught mine route 40 or 44

What town is the radio station in in Pokemon silver?

goldenrod city

Where is the radio station in Kanto on soul silver?

Lavender Town.

What Pokemon does the fourth gym leader have in soul silver?

He has ghost Pokemon that put you asleep. It is extremely annoying!

In Pokemon heart gold when does the police officer move from his spot at the lavender town radio station?

i dont think he does move coz he says something about goldenrod radio station being taken over by team rocket and that the security has to be really tight so i dont think u can get passed him which is really annoying since its a new building that wasnt in gold silver or crystal

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The closest Amtrak Station to Port Canaveral is Orlando which is about 1 hour or 55.3 miles away. The Orlando Amtrak station is served by the Silver Meteor and the Silver Star.

How do you get in Kanto radio station soul silver?

You can't because its blocked.

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