Amtrak to port canaveral

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The closest Amtrak Station to Port Canaveral is Orlando which is about 1 hour or 55.3 miles away. The Orlando Amtrak station is served by the Silver Meteor and the Silver Star.

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Q: Amtrak to port canaveral
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How far is Amtrak from Port Canaveral?

The closest Amtrak Station to Port Canaveral is Orlando which is served by Sliver Star and Silver Meteor. It is 1 hour away about 55.3 miles away.

What is the best option to transer from Orlando Amtrak station out to Port Canaveral?

You need to get a ford car.

Which port is closer to the Disney Cruise Ships Port Canaveral or Miami?

Port Canaveral

Miami to port canaveral?

Hoe much driving from Miami beach to port Canaveral

Where is Port Canaveral?

Port Canaveral is on the East Coast of Florida just East of Orlando

Is Miami near Port Canaveral?

No, Port Canaveral is 209 miles north of Miami.

What is the distance between port Miami and port canaveral?

We are going on a cruise which sets sail from Port Canaveral but we are flying into Miami airport. We need to get car rental and travel to Port Canaveral but cannot do so from South Africa as the tour operators tell us that there is no depot at Port this correct and how far is it to drive from Miami airport to Port Canaveral.

Can you rent cars at Port Canaveral?

There are no car hire depots at Port Canaveral, nearest place to rent a car is Cape Canaveral.

How many miles from cape canaveral to port canaveral?

2 miles

How many miles from port Canaveral to cape Canaveral?

2 miles

When was Port Henry - Amtrak station - created?

Port Henry - Amtrak station - was created in 1888.

How do you go from Port Canaveral to Orlando airport?

There are numerous shuttle services communicating the Cruise ship port at Port Canaveral and Orlando International Airport.