What color is master chief's armor?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sage Green (Metalic) for halo ce and (olive green) for Halo 3 with black and silver drybrush

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Q: What color is master chief's armor?
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How can you get a costume that looks like master chiefs armor?

look on

Is master chiefs armor cool?

yes it is except he likes it so much he never takes it off

How do you change master chiefs color on Halo custom edition?

only in halo reach you can to that

What is master chiefs armor called?

It's called the MJOLNIR mark V armor. It's supposed to be a reference to old Norse Mythology. In the newer iterations of the Halo series (i.e. 2 and 3) It's MJOLNIR mark 6 armor. ODST armor is similar in a sense, but is not the same.

How do you build master chief armor?

Choose the original spartan armor/avatar, and then use green, sage or what ever greenish color you want

Where can you find a Halo 3 costume?

You can find a Halo 3 custome at Meijer. Or at Target

Can you change your armor color in armor mayhem?

you can change the armor color if you make a custom map:)

Who is the master chiefs girlfriend?

He doesn't have one.

Is master chiefs true face ugly?

Tom is master chief so yes

Is the master chiefs name john?

yes master chief's name is john....john117

Is the master chiefs voice cool?

pretty cool

Must have how many fleet master chiefs?