What causes the PS3 not to work?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It wont work because it overheats. Otherwise, its because the system is full of dust on the inside :D x

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Q: What causes the PS3 not to work?
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Can the PS3 fat controllers work with the PS3 slim?

yes SIXAXIS and DUALSHOCK 3 controllers work on any ps3. Any controller that is made for the ps3 will work on any ps3

What causes the PS3 Red Screen of Death?

By turning off the PS3. Or By you're PS3 over heating

Can old PS3 games work on the new PS3 console?

Yes and the new PS3 move will work on all PS3 models

Will PS3 games from Kuwait work if the PS3 is bought in Canada?

Yes PS3 games acctually work on ALL PS3's!

Do PS3 controllers work on ps2?

No, ps3 controllers do not work with a ps2.

Do PS2 microphones work with the PS3?

No the ps2 microphones will not work on the ps3

Does facebook games work on PS3?

No PS3 games work on PS3 and Only some other PlayStation games

Why doesn't red dead redemption online work for the PS3?

It does work for the PS3

Will us PS3 games work on PS3 in Ireland?

Yes, they will work anywhere.

Will European PS3 games work on PS3 US?


Will PS3 games from Asia work on US PS3?


Does RuneScape work on a PS3?

How about you try it. Is it a PS3 game.