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Start my making sure it is charged and connected to the PS3 by using the cable that comes with the PS3

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Q: How do you fix PS3 control when it doesn't work on your PS3?
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What are the ways to fix a ps3 not reading discs?

If your PS3 is not reading inserted discs, you can fix it by restoring the system settings(it should work if your Blu-ray drive is functional).

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If your ps2 doesnt read blue discs what do you do to fix it?

Buy a PS3. It is the only Playstation that reads blue ray discs and the discs are for the PS3 and could not be played on a PS2 if they could be read

What happens when youre r button doesnt work how can i fix it?

Send it to a Nintendo company and they will fix it for free.

How do you fix a ps3 controller's r1 buttion?

By purchasing a new controller when it is broken and does not work.

How do you fix a playstaion 2?

Bang it a couple times. If that doesnt work, take it to the nearest Video game fixer upper. :) or better stile chuck it out a top floor window and get a xbox 360 or ps3

Ps3 slim makes a ticking sound while playing video games before it freezes. But everything else even dvds work fine. How do you fix a ps3 slim with bluray disc problems?

It sounds like you have BOPBD (burned out ps3 blu ray drive). A problem common to all ps3 slim and fat users. Or it could be that your ps3 blu ray lens is dirty. If it is dirty there are some youtube videos witch show you how to open your ps3 and clean it. If cleaning the blu ray lens doesnt work youve got BOPBD. Nothing you can do other than check your warranty and have someone fix it for you or buy a new one and watch a youtube vid. on how to replace it yourself.

How come my PS3 still won't work after resetting it?

Because resetting it did not fix the problem. Do parts of it work and not others. what happens when you turn it on

What do I do if my PS3 doesn't save my game data?

Have you tried placing in a new hard drive? If not, try it. If it doesn't work, take it to a place where they fix PS3's or to the store where you bought the PS3 and see what they say.

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