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u should KILL IT ASAP

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Q: What can you do if your ds turns off and on by itself?
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DS flikers on and off And then it turns itself off how does the person fix it?

Charge your DS and it should be fixed. Get a new battery because it might hav gotten wet, but if caused by dropping it then it isn't fixable.

How do you get the pokewalker to turn off?

It turns off by itself.

Why does Seat Ibiza radio switch itself off?

my stereo turns itself off

When my Nintendo DS powers on it quickly turns itself off again why?

Because it needs to be charged up by a Nintendo DS charger and you need to let it charge but you can play it when it is charging but make sure when you put it in a light turns orange on your DS and you put the charger in the back on the right you will see a hole close to a corner that's where you put the charger plug.

Why can't your ds turn onit turns on for half a sec and then turns off?

because it means it ran out of battery

How do you get your DS to work after it turns off on you again and again?

charge it really good

What happens if a Nintendo ds turns on and off?

it restarts the ds from the begging at the main menu mode and unless you did not save your data it will be lost!

Plasma 42 inch tv turns itself on and off?

Is the timer on?

Why does a laptop turns itself off automatically right after it is turned on?

low battery

My laptop turns on for a few seconds shows a message about a cable failure then turns itself off can anybody help me?


My Nintendo ds turns off for no reason and it ALWAYS turns off after about 2 to 4 minutes from being switched on regardless of whether i am playing a game or i leave it alone why?

either it doesn't like you, or you don't charge it

The MPF protein complex turns itself off by?

Activating a process that destroys cyclin.