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on the game card itself.

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Q: Does a game save on the DS console or the game card itself?
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Are Nintendo DS save games on the card or the console?

Nintendo DS game saves are stored on the game chip, not the console.

Does a PS2 game save on a PS2 console without the memory card?

No, you must have a memory card that is compatible with the PS2 to save any kind of memory.

Is DS data saved on its game cartrige or ds console?

All game data is saved on the game cartridge itself. The DS does not have internal memory for saving game data - the DSi has a memory card, but also does not save game data to it.

Do Game Boy colors save games on the game card or on the actual machine?

They save on the game cartridge/ Game itself. Not the system.

Why does ps2 console not save ps1 games?

just insert a ps1 memory card in slot 1, then it will save your ps1 game.

Will a new game card of the same game still load the same data as the old one on the same DS?

No. DS save data is saved to the game card, not the console.

Can you save a PlayStation one game on a PlayStation two console with a PlayStation one memory card?


Do computer games save on the computer or disk?

When you save your video game progress it will save on the computers hard drive, the same goes with game consoles the progress will always save on the console itself, not the disk.

Can you save a game with a memory card if you put the memory card in after the game has been turned on?

Yes you should be able to but sometimes it depends on the console, eg xbox, ps2 etc

What is Memory Card and how does it work?

A Memory Card is a device used for some game consoles. There are three ways for game data to be saved: on the game console, on the game cartridge, or on a memory card, and usually only one method is used for a certain console. If there was no way to save the data, you would need to start from scratch every time you played the game. Memory cards are inserted into the console and, when you attempt to save the game, the data upon the card is accessed. You can also access, copy, and delete data on the Memory Card from the Main Menu of the console, which usually comes up when you turn on the console without any game in it. Each Memory Card has a certain capacity; if the data is used up, you'll need to clear up space or buy a new Memory Card. I hope that's everything you need.

Does GameShark for ds break your ds?

GameShark will not break the DS console itself, but it could corrupt save files for the game.

How do you download games to the wii?

When buying or downloading a game or channel from the Wii shop, you will be given the option to save it either to the console or the SD card.