What balls to use to catch dugtrio?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends if you're in a cave, or just on land. If you're in a cave, then use Dusk Balls. It you are on land use ultra, great, or poke balls. Also the second selection of balls also depends on level. Hope this helped!

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Q: What balls to use to catch dugtrio?
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Can you catch Mesprit with an Ultra Ball?

Yes, and here's how: get a Wobbefet or Dugtrio from either LeafGreen or FireRed. Then, find Mesprit using the poketch app. Have Wobbefet or Dugtrio first in your party, and battle it until it gets to red hp, and if possible, paralyze it. Keep throwing ultra balls at it, and eventually you will catch it. Here's why it works. Dugtrio and Wobbefet both have abilities which don't allow Mesprit to flee. You can also have a Golbat/Crobat and use mean look, but the method above works best. Note: this method can also be used for catching Cressilia.

How can you catch a Dialga in Pokemon diamond?

You can catch it by first turning Dialga's HP into the red. Then use Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls to catch Dialga. It will take time, and you need to use a few balls to catch Dialga.

Where to catch dugtrio in Pokemon FireRed?

If your looking for a dugtrio in FireRed it is actually quiet simple. First you go to vermillion city and keep going right, until you find a cave. while you are in that cave you will encounter a lot of diglets. But if your lucky you will find a dugtrio. If I found dugtrio and so can you. If you want to catch it you must first bring it down to low health befor catching it. or you get a repel from the mart use that in the cave and then a dugtio will show up

What pokeballs do you use to catch azelf?

There are many types of PokeBalls you could use to catch Azelf.But I would suggest the following: Quick Balls Master Balls Poke Balls Dusk Balls and,Ultra Balls

Where to catch garitina?

Well to get Garitina use the master ball to catch Garitina or some dusks balls or timer balls or some quick balls.

What Pokemon can you catch that has already learned dig on its own?

Diglett or Dugtrio

What balls should you use to catch Kyogre?

Use Net Balls or Ultra Balls. I prefer using Net Balls, as they are meant specifically for Kyogre's type.

How do you catch moltreas in FireRed?

you have to use ultra balls

What do you use to catch mespirit?

weaken mespirit a bit and use dusk and quick balls you might be able to use heal balls on it

Where to catch Electabuzz in Soul Silver?

electabuzz can be caught outside of the power plant where zapdos is. You can trade a dugtrio for a magneton inside there too.

What is the easiest way to catch Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald?

Use your strongest Pokemon, do not attack, buy 15 Ultra Balls, 5 Great Balls, 20 Poke Balls, and 6 Timer Balls. Keep using the balls, save 5 of the Ultra Balls then use a few Timer Balls. They are guaranteed to catch Deoxys.

What pokeball to catch virzion?

use a master ball