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use poke balls on it

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Q: How do you catch Darkrai on Pokemon diamond Japanese version?
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How do you catch Darkrai Pokemon diamond?

Darkrai is a dark type of Pokemon. You can catch one in Pokemon Diamond version on Newmoon Island but you need a membership card.

In Pokemon Diamond Japanese Version How many Pokemon does ash have?

Ash has 6 Pokemon in Diamond version

Is Pokemon Darkrai version fake?

Yes, Pokémon Darkrai Version is a fake, it's a hacked version of a Pokémon game. it must be a hacked version of Pokemon platinum,diamond or pearl. i havnt heard of that game before and Pokemon is very popular so if there was a game called Pokemon darkrai then there would be adverts on tv

How do you lose the 5th gym badges in Pokemon Darkrai version?

There is no Pokemon darkrai version!

What legenderys can you get in Pokemon Pearl?

Dialga (Diamond Version) Palkia (Pearl Version) Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf Darkrai, Arceus, Shaymin

Where Can you catch a Darkie in Pokemon diamond version?

There is no Pokemon called Darkie. However, there is a Pokemon named Darkrai which you may obtain through the mystery gift.

Can the Japanese version of Pokemon heart-gold and soul-silver trade with the USA version of Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum?

yes it can

Is it possible to trade Pokemon between UK and Japanese versions I am thinking of buying the Japanese version of Black but will you be able to trade your UK Pokemon from Diamond?

Yes, it is possible to trade your UK Pokemon from Diamond into the Japanese Pokemon Black version. However, you need to beat the whole game in Pokemon Black & White to be able to trade Pokemon from the other generations.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl who plays dawn's voice?

Emilyn Mornelli in the English version. And Megumi Toyoguchi in the Japanese version.

Is Darkrai in Pokemon Emerald?

No. Darkrai first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which is after Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon pearl How do you get dakrai?

Get an action replay and get the code for the Darkrai Event.

Where is tengan mountain on Pokemon diamond?

It's just another (i think Japanese version?) name for Mt.Coronet