What bait do mullet like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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big black d0ngs

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Q: What bait do mullet like?
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How do you catch the mullet in clam waters?

you use a yellow fish as bait for the mullet

How do you feed the mullet on club penguin soda seas?

to catch the mullet you have to use anothe fish for bait

What kind of bait do Mullet like on the app Flick Fishing?

They LOVE Ragworms. Bait fish is OK, but they wont bite as much, and they wont weigh as much. If you want to catch Hoff (The monster mullet), You need to use ragworms in the breakwater. He's rare but if you dont get him you'll probably still catch a mullet.

What is the best bait for red fish?

the best bait is cut ladyfish, cut mulet, and live mullet.

How do you catch the mullet on club penguin aqua grabber?

well, first catch the worm, using the worm as bait capture the fluffy(yellow fish) then using the yellow fish as bait capture the mullet

Where is the big bait to get the big fish mullet?

go to the gift shop its hidden

How do you catch a mullet fish?

When you see signs of the mullet, catch a normal fish and instead of clicking the top, hold on to it and use it as bait for the mullet then once you've got it, a video will play of your penguin catching it.

In the new clubpenguin aqua grabber game how do you get past mullet I read another question that said a crab takes your money what crab?

Go where you got the fifth barrel. There is a space with no water. Hit the spaces ceiling hard and the bait will fall. Take the bait. When you see the little fish try to bring bait to his mouth. He might hit you and make your bait fall. Go where you take it and get another one. When fish eat the bait, bring it to the mullet. Be careful. Fish pushes you and make you bump. If you bump fish will go. Bring it to mullets mouth. When mullet eats it you will hold mullet. If you can bring it to net. Mullet is pretty expensive. After the mullet goes, you can pass. Go down. You will see A lot of gold and a crab which takes gold. DO NOT TOUCH THE GOLD!!! LET THE CRAB TAKE ALL!!! Unless you will not be able to get the rare tresure.

How do you give the fish the worm on club penguin?

Go and play Ice Fishing and at the end give the Huge Mullet the fish for the bait instead of the worm so keep the last yellow fish that you get on your line and wait for the mullet to come and it will take the bait.

How you catch a mullet in aqua crabber?

When it comes to the time you know the mullet is coming up, catch a fish but dont click the top, keep it on your hook, then when the mullet comes use the fish as bait instead of a worm. Hope this helped.

Is the striped mullet endangered?

No. The striped mullet is a very common fish in the Atlantic ocean. They are used as food, and reproduce in large numbers. Sometimes used as bait for larger speceies.

Is it possible to catch a mullet with a gray fish on club penguin?

Yes it is possible to capture the big mullet.get the bait/wormgive the bait/worm to fluffy the yellow fishgive fluffy to the mullet and there you are.If you want to get the mullet in the net i tell you it is hard but practice makes perfect!Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!