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you need to beat the 8th gym leader in blackthorn city. glad to be of service.

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Q: What badge do you need to use waterfall in Pokemon gold?
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What gym badge do you need to use water fall in pokemon heart gold?

You need the Dragon Badge, which is the very last badge (8th). After you obtain it, you may use Waterfall outside of battle whenever you like. :)

What badge do you need to use fly in Pokemon gold?

The badge from Cianwood.

How do you get through a waterfall in Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot go through waterfalls but you can climb them with the HM waterfall and a Pokemon that can learn it... you will also need the corrosponding gym badge

What badge do you need to use cut in Pokemon Gold version?

To use cut outside of battle in Pokemon gold version you need the second badge from Azalea Town from the gym leader Bugsy.

How do you get to ever grande city in Pokemon ruby?

Use surf to get there . But before Surfing to ever.grand city , you need finish all the gym . When u get there , u have to use waterfall to get up there , in order to use waterfall ,u need to the last gym badge ,RAIN BADGE .

What gym badge do you need to use the move waterfall?

8th gym badge the water badge

How do you climb waterfalls in Pokemon Gold?

Pokémon need to be taught Waterfall in order to climb Waterfalls. In Pokémonn Gold, the Waterfall HM can be found within the Ice Cave.

What two moves do you need to get through the tohjo falls for Pokemon heart gold?

waterfall, surf

What badge do you need for using waterfall on Pokemon Heart Gold?

you have to defeat the gym leader in blackthorn city, but you have to take the dragon test in the dragon shrine in the dragon lair behind the blackthorn gym. after that surf to the entrance and she will say sorry and give you the badge and TM deagon rage. she has dragon Pokemon so use ice moves to defeat her.

How do you get to the Pokemon league in pokemond diamond?

First you need the sunyshore gym badge then talk to jasmine a gym leader in johto she should give you waterfall you will need it then go through a sea of battling trainers then go through victory road then us waterfall and then you are at the Pokemon league.

What is the name of the two things you need to get hooh in Pokemon heart gold?

the fog badge and the rainbow wing

How do you go to evergrand city in Pokemon sapphire?

first you have to beat all 8 gyms. then you can use waterfall. surf east until you find a waterfall. use waterfall and then you will start to climb up. you will land on evergrrand city. hope this helped. :)