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There's no way to actually say the words exactly how they're spelled. Some people will come up with clever ways to say them, like taking out 1 letter or putting in a ! instead of the letter I. Or they'll use words that sound like the word they want to say.

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Q: What bad words can you say on club penguin?
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How do you get a ak47 on Club Penguin?

You can't get weapons in club penguin. You also can't say bad words.

How do you ban people fast on club penguin?

if your on them say bad words! if your on them you really cant

Why cant you type what ever you want on club penguin?

u can say anything except for bad words if u say bad words u will get banned

What words cant you say on club penguin?

You can't use any swear, bad, inappropriate or sexual words on club penguin. If you don't want to get banned if you get hacked or something, its best to use "safe chat".

Can you say twilight on Club Penguin?

of course, you can say anything in club penguin as long it's not inappropiate.But twilight isn't bad.

What ages is Club Penguin reccomennded for?

I, myself am 14, and I play Club Penguin. The right age recomened for Club Penguin is 7 to 13. Keep in mind you have to pay to get clothing and igloos and fancy things. There is no need to worry about bad chat, because you may not say bad words, or you will get banned. Hoped this all helped!

How many rude words can you say on club penguin?


How can you type your words in club penguin?

benm penguin make a 2 penguin say I'm OVER 12 and when your finished tipe in your words

Why Club Penguin is bad?

Sometimes you can get away with swearing on club penguin like if you say 'b$&ch' you might not get blocked they will let you say that curse word infront of little kids on the Internet that also play club penguin

How long can't you go on club penguin for if you say a bad word?

Twenty four hours. I think if you say them too much, you can get permanently banned. Which means you can't go on club penguin on that penguin ever again.

How do you get banned on penguin storm 7?

say bad words

How do you get standard safe chat when you already have ultimate safe chat?

On Club Penguin oh um..................... there used to be unsafe chat but there isn't anymore i went on it yesterday so you have to use safe chat now,Hey there is a game just like Club Penguin it's called Www.CPPS.ME.COM and you can say good words or bad words but cpps is an older way of club penguin by jenston