What are the ssj levels?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Super Saiyan, Ultra Super Saiyan, Ultimate Super Saiyan, Full Power Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Mastered Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3 and 100% Super Saiyan 3.

In GT, Super Saiyan 4 exists.

Some belive that SSJ4 Goku fused with Shenron and absorbing the dragon balls is the equivilant of "SSJ5" which only exists in DB AE/AF which are fanmade creations.

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Q: What are the ssj levels?
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All af ssj levels?

Ssj 1 Ssj 2(lighter yellow slightly larger hair) Ssj 3 (longer hair) Ssj 4 (red skin long black hair) LEGENDARY (ssj 1 hair but green) ------------and or------- Oozaru (moon) Golden oozaru (becomes oozaru after ssj) --------OR-------- fusion - Adds the two energies of the 2 together.

Who is the strongest warrior in dragon ball by?

The strongest character in Dragon Ball is goku power levels of goku Max power levels in battles with: Raditz:416 Nappa:[Kaioken] 16,000 Vegeta:[Kaioken x3] 24,000 Ginyu Force:[Kaioken] 180,000 Freeza:[Kaioken x20] 6,600,000 [SSJ] 11,500,000 Cyborg freiza: [SSJ] 13,500,000 19:[SSJ] 7,500,000 Cell:[SSJ] 65,000,000 [Full power SSJ] 140,000,000 Babidi:[SSJ2] 360,000,000 Buu:[SSJ3] 1,080,000,000 Kid buu: [SSJ3] 720,000,000 Genki Dama 22,000,000,000 [from all the people of earth] and Earth's savior Mister Satan 8

Is gogeta ssj or ssj2?

gogeta is ssj

Is ssj 9 real?

no only ssj 5

Does Goku gt have a ssj2?

NO because he as way more power cause his tail there's only ssj 1 ssj 3 ssj 4 and ssj 4 fusion

What is the highest super sayin level?

List of Super Sayian Levels SSJ Ultra SSJ SSJ2 SSj3 SSj4 Dragon ball af SSj5 SSJ6 SSJ7 SS8 (Gohan turned evil) SSj9 SSJ10 SSj11 SSj12

What does the j mean in ssj?

Super Saiya-jin is what the j stands for in SSJ

Who is stronger gogeta ssj 4 or gotenks ssj4?

gogeta ssj 4

Is ssj 5 Goku real?

I'm pretty sure that's there no ssj 5 goku because in all the series mostly goku is just a regular ssj

Is gogeta ssj better than gotenks ssj?

SSJ Gogeta is stronger than SSJ Gotenks (Pre Rosat) and (Post Rosat) for sure. but still SSJ Gogeta is weaker than SSJ2 Gotenks (Post Rosat) why? Goten and Trunks (Post Rosat) they must strong around Goku (Buu Saga) or even stronger because Base Gotenks (Post Rosat) > SSJ Gotenks(Pre Rosat) and if i'm give sample of these power levels Goten (Pre Rosat) = 25 Trunks (Pre Rosat) = 30 Goten (Post Rosat) = 80 Trunks (Post Rosat) = 85 Goku (Buu Saga) = 100 Vegeta ( Buu Saga) = 90 sample if Fusion is x10 Base Gotenks (Pre Rosat) = 550 Base Gotenks (Post Rosat ) = 1,650 Base Gogeta = 1,900 SSJ Gotenks (Pre Rosat) = 27,500 SSJ Gotenks (Post Rosat) = 82,500 SSJ Gogeta = 95,000 SSJ2 Gotenks (Post Rosat) = 165,000 SSJ3 Gotenks (Post Rosat) = 660,000 so it gonna be like this SSJ Gotenks (Post Rosat) < SSJ Gogeta < SSJ2 Gotenks (Post Rosat) < SSJ3 Gotenks (Post Rosat)

Is ssj real?


Who is stronger ssj 4 vegito or ssj 4 gogeta?

Super Saiyan 4 Vegito