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Go to the stadium, take the pics of the puffles and give them to Aunt Arctic.

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Q: What are the secret tasks on the missions on club penguin?
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Where are the secret tasks on club penguin missions 7-9?

Find them on Youtube!

Are there tasks on Club Penguin?

There are tasks on Club Penguin if you are a secret agent.

What is a Rookie on Club Penguin and where is it?

Rookie is a character in Club Penguin found on secret missions. To solve secret missions you have to be a secret agent in which that requires you to ignore people then check your mail when it comes up In club penguin rookie appears in missions 3, 7 and 10.

How do you erase your secret agent missions on club penguin?

you cant

Where can you find the solutions for secret missions in club penguin?

How do you defeat Club Penguin?

You cannot defeat Club Penguin. However you can beat/complete the missions if you are a secret agent.

How do you help G in Club Penguin?

You become a secret agent and you do the missions.

Will there be more club penguin secret missions?

YES my penguin is loppygoppy49 and I do missions over and over! and mission 11 is on its way! waddle ON!

Have you got to be a secret agent to play the missions on Club Penguin?

this is a simple answer yes

How do you get the paper with letters on club penguin secret missions?

I have no idea loll what do you mean?

What are the answers to the club penguin secret missions?

there is none but you can find cheats on google & youtube to help you finish the missions

How come I am a Secret Agent and can only get ten missions on Club Penguin?

Because they have only made 10 missions