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The chit is kept under the piano at the Pizza parlour. Put them on the piano at the Stage and play the exact same tune.

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Q: What are the notes for the piano in club penguin missoin 7?
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How do you beat missoin 3 on club penguin?


Where is the music notes for mission 7 in club penguin?

In the theatre, where the yellow puffle is. (By The Piano)

On the club penguin missoin where do you use the net?

you find it at the light house near the stairs!!

How do you play the notes from the pizza parler on club penguin?

take it out from your inventory and put it on the piano in the stage

Where do you find the music notes on mission 7 on club penguin?

It is under the pizza parlor piano.

What order do you play the notes on the piano in club penguin?

For mission seven, you get the sheet music in the pizza parlor.

How do you play the notes correctly for the puffle on club penguin in the missions?

You follow the music (under the piano) in time and with the correct colors.

How do you get the yellow puffle from the stage on club penguin?

who haved to get the notes from the pizza place right near the pinao then go back into the stage and play piano then put the notes with the piano and it tells you what colurs to play good luck :)

What are the piano colors in club penguin?

Rainbow I believe.

What are the correct keys in the piano in club penguin on the mission when the clock is broken?

it is pretty simple go to the pizza parlour and pick up the pice of paper next to the piano then take it to the piano in the stage and play the colored notes in the right order.

Where's the Grand Piano in Club Penguin?

The Grand Piano is in the Pizza Shop in the Plaza.

How do you play the piano on club penguin and get the yellow puffle to like you?

You have to get the sheet music first. Look around club penguin!