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who haved to get the notes from the Pizza place right near the pinao then go back into the stage and play piano then put the notes with the piano and it tells you what colurs to play good luck :)

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Q: How do you get the yellow puffle from the stage on club penguin?
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Why is there a yellow puffle in the new room at the cave on Club Penguin?

It is the yellow puffle from the stage. Also known as the keeper of the stage. It has wandered in there with other puffles and got trapped.

What do you do after ive got the yellow puffle out of the stage on club penguin?

GIV the clock missing paper to him

How do you adopt a yellow puffle in club penguin?

Adopting a yellow puffle requires Club Penguin Membership. It can be bought by going to the puffle store and selecting it. You will not be able to purchase one without membership.

What is the code for the yellow puffle on club penguin?


Is there a golden puffle?

There is a Golden puffle but you cant buy it is a play at the club penguin stage

Where is the switchbox 3000 in club penguin?

The Switchbox 3000 is at the Stage. If you press the yellow lever, somewhere on the stage, the Keeper of the Stage, a yellow puffle, will come out. You can also get a stamp for operating the Switchbox 3000.

What do you do after you get the yellow puffle in mission on club penguin?

talk to G

What game does the yellow puffle do with you on club penguin?

the dj game

How do you get the yellow puffle out of the stage on club penguin?

go to the pizza parlour and you should see a sheet then go back to stage and play notes! hope i helped

Is there a golden puffle on Club Penguin?

Well, nobody knows, but however, the yellow puffle MIGHT be the golden puffle...

How do you get a yellow puffle on Club Penguin if you are a non member?

You need to buy a club penguin toy. And its the last page.

How do you get a rainbow puffle on Club Penguin?

The only way you can get a rainbow puffle is by giving a yellow puffle a bath. To get a yellow puffle you need to be a member! I hope that solved your question!