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Iraq War

1. Hostile shores, rank : private

2. City fight, rank : private

3. Hummer Trapped, rank : sergeant

4. Brown Bridge, rank : officer

5. Survivor, rank private

6. Stop the hummers, rank : officer

7. Attacked again, rank : private

8. APC vs. AT squad, rank : officer

WWII-Pacific Campaign

1. Ordinary slaughter, rank : private

2. Enemy's position, rank : sergeant

3. Coming Home, rank : rebel

4. Road accident, rank : machinegunner

5. Fight like hell, rank : officer

6. Jungle camp, rank : private

7. Hidden and armored, rank : corporal

8. Bombs and shells, rank : sergeant

9. Seashore, rank : machinegunner

10. Infantry rush, rank : officer

WWIII Campaign : Humans

1. Burned to the ground, rank : ranger

2. Sniper position, rank : elite ranger

3. Under fire, rank : delta squad officer

4. Labyrinth, rank SAS officer

5. Cemetary, rank GSG-9 officer

6. End of all life, rank : SAS officer

WWIII Campaign : Mutants

1. Burning steel, rank : alien trooper

2. sniper fire, rank : alien trooper

3. Backstab, rank : death commander

4. Hooligan, rank : Mutant

5. earthquake, rank : Mutant

6. Land of the alive, rank : Alien Fiend

These are all of the ranks, and missions for Endless war 3

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Q: What are the missions and ranks in endless wars 3?
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