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23 missions and for that people have to try hard to get more done

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Q: How many missions are there in Devil May Cry 3?
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How do you get to the secret missions on Devil May Cry 3 special edition?

by sticking the disc in your bum

How many levels are in Devil May Cry 2?

In all Devil May Cry's,there are 20 levels

Is devil may cry 4 the last of the devil may cry series?

No there will be and Devil May Cry 5 but i don't know when.

Is devil may cry 5 related with devil may cry 4?


What is Devil may cry 5 about?

devil may cry 5 is not made

God of War or Devil May Cry Four?

Devil may cry 4

Will there ever be a Devil May Cry 5?

there is going to be a devil may cry 5

Is Devil May Cry 5 is the last Devil May Cry series?

Well although it has been hinted about it isn't. Devil May Cry 4 is the latest.

Is there a devil may cry 6?

No there is not a Devil May Cry 6, only 4. A new devil may cry is in the making, DMC. Though it is the 5th game using the Devil May Cry name it is the first game in a reboot of the series.

Is there a Devil May Cry 4 for the PS2?

No there is no devil may cry 4 on the PS2 The devil may cry 4 game is only for the PS3 and Xbox360 i hope that helps

Is there a Devil May Cry PC game?

Yes Devil May Cry 4 is also on pc

Who is the producer of Devil May Cry 4?

Hiroyuki Kobayashi is the producer of Devil May Cry 4.