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I haven't played that in a while but i think it is a separate weapon, used with 4

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Q: How do throw a grenade in endless war 3?
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How do you throw a grenade on call of duty 3 for the wii?

On the WII remote, it has the four buttons shaped like a cross. To throw a grenade, you push down the left button and aim. to throw it, you just let go. You have to throw before the red circle on your screen runs out. To throw a smoke grenade, push the right button and throw.

How too throw grenades in Crysis 3 Xbox 360?

Same as shooting a pistol. Press Y to menu,go to ur grenade,press A and EQUIP. Same for shooting istol.aim then throw.

How do you get subway mode on Call of Duty?

you need to jump 3 times then throw a grenade jump on it then there u go

How long is Us army grenade qualification good for?

The US Army grenade qualification is typically valid for one year. After one year, soldiers are required to requalify to maintain their certification. This helps ensure that soldiers maintain their proficiency with grenade handling and safety procedures.

How Can you spawn a grunt in forge on Halo 3?

Alright, it takes a glitch to do this, but it's hard the first couple of times, so don't get mad. 1. You have to turn into Player mode and throw a plasma grenade at the ground in front of you. 2. Right before the grenade blows up, jump and switch to Edit Mode. 3. As soon as the grenade blows up, switch back to Player mode. 4. Throw another plasma grenade at the ground and this time don't jump. 5. Switch to Edit Mode and grab the plasma grenade. 6. Once you let it go, go to the weapons part of the Edit menu and there should be a Grunt there. Depending on what level you are playing depends on how many Grunts you'll get.

How do you use shotgun and grenade launcher for dawn of the celebs 2?

to use the grenade launcher you get it then press the number 3

Glitches for nazi zombies?

1. go upstairs where the wine bottle is. run and jump there and they cant get you. 2. run and jump to the grenade corner. 3. throw a grenade behind the random box once you open it and almost always get ray gun. hint on round 5 they make a cave in the help room.

How do you grenade wall tag in gears of war 3?

Select your grenage by pressing up. Go to a wall and just press b (the hit button).

How do you kill marines on Halo 3?

you shoot,grenade,or punch them

How do you get holy grenade on sas 3?

it hasn't came out yet

What is the type of blue glowing grenade in Halo 3?


Are there any hints for HALO 3?

Here are a couple : 1. Shoot People 2. Don't shoot yourself/friends 3. Don't throw a grenade at your friends 4. Don't shoot a rocket launcher at the ground between your feet. 5. Don't die