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Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott are the starter main Pokemon. The legendry Pokemon is Reshima. Hope I have helped.

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Q: What are the main characters in Pokemon Black and White?
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Who stars in Pokemon Black and White?

The two main characters have not been announced yet, but they are supposed to be considerately older than previous characters.

What can you do after you complete the main game on Pokemon Black 2?

You could buy pokemon black and white

What is the names of the main characters in Pokemon black and white?

By main characters, I think you mean the player characters. If so, yes, they have names. The boy is named Hilbert, and the girl is named Hilda. Their Japanese names are similar as well. The boy's is Touya, and the girl's is Touko.

What Pokémon will still be in Pokémon Black and White?

There won't be any old Pokemon on Pokemon black and white until you finish the main quest.

Is Reshiram in Pokemon White?

In Pokemon White, N will capture Reshiram, and you will be able to capture Zekrom. This will happen vice-versa in Pokemon Black. This is one of the main differences between Pokemon Black and White.

Is there a way to get Pokemon that are on Pokemon Black and White on Pokemon Pearl?

First you have to beat the main story

Does the main girl in Pokemon black and white have a crush on n?


Did Pokemon Black and White come at Gamestop?

the way they are showing the game Pokemon black and white in the us i am almost positive that it is already out in the main/sanfoard area

Can you migrate Pokemon to Pokemon Black and White?

Yes. After you beat the main story, you can migrate from daimond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, and soulsilver versions to black and white

Can you find Pokemon from diamond in Pokemon Black and White?

Yes, you can, but only after you complete the main storyline.

What are the names of the two main characters in the game Army of Two?

The two names of the main characters are Tyson Rios (black) and Elliot Salem (white).

Is Zekrom in white version?

zekrom is the main Pokemon of white version and rashiram is to the black version.