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No but when you beat the main story if you have the sinnoh games you can do the POKETRANSFER on route 15 and send them over from that game.

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Q: Can you get starters from Sinnoh and Hoenn in Pokemon black or white?
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Where can you catch Infernape in Pokemon black version?

Infernape is one of the Sinnoh starters therefore it can't be caught. You have to transfer it.

If I transfer a Pokemon through multiple generations of games what region will the game say it arrived from Hoenn or Sinnoh?

The region that you transferred it from to before to Pokemon Black or White will be displayed. For example, say if you transferred a Poochyena from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pearl, and then from Pearl to Black or White, it will say the follwoing: POOCHYENA Sinnoh Apparently arrived at Lv. 12

What reigon is Pokemon Black and White in?

It is the Isshu region, the region that is far away to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh region. For more information click on the link below.That was the Japanese name for Pokemon Black and White.The English name for the region in Pokemon Black and White is the Unova region.

Where is the sinnoh in Pokemon black and whight?

There isnt any, fool. There are sinnoh pokemon, though.

How do you get to the Sinnoh regions in pPokemon black?

You cannot go to the Sinnoh region in Pokemon Black.

Can you get to the Sinnoh region in Pokemon black?


How can you get to Sinnoh in Pokemon Black?

You can't

How do you go to Hoenn in Pokemon black?

you cant

Where do get hoenn pass at in Pokemon White?

You can't get an Hoenn Pass in Pokemon White or Black. It isn't in those versions.

Can you get to Sinnoh in Pokemon Black 2?

It is not possible to get to Sinnoh in Pokemon Black 2. (Or any game bar Diamond, Pearl and Platinium)

What type Pokemon does the ninth gym have?

Which one? In the Pokemon games (If I remember right) are these Kanto: Ground Johto: Dragon Hoenn: Water Sinnoh: Electric Unova: Dragon( Black and White) Water (Black 2 and White 2) Kalos: Ice

What Pokemon can you only get in Pokemon white?

you can get all the pokemon in the Unova region in pokemon black and white, in the other games you all the pokemon in sinnoh, hoenn, kanto and johto. Unova came out in 2010 and shortly after that they thought of a game / 2 involving Unova region pokemon.