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The legendary Pokemon are










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Q: What are the legendary pomkemon in Pokemon gold?
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What do you do after your legendary Pokemon run away in Shiny Gold?

If your legendary Pokemon run away in Shiny Gold, there is no way of retrieving them again.

How do you get the legendary Pokemon finder on Pokemon gold?

non existant

How do you get legendary pokemon in gold?

you have to find and catch them

What are all the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Gold?

In Pokémon Gold for the Gameboy Color, the Legendary Pokémon that were available are Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia and Ho-Oh.

What level are the legendary dogs in Pokemon gold?


What Pokemon can breed on gold?

Any Pokemon that is not a legendary Pokemon can be bred. An example of a legendary Pokemon would be Heatran, or Ho-oh. Any normal Pokemon, like pikachu, can be bred.

What are the legendary dogs in Pokemon Gold?


Where is the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon gold?

Burnt tower, Tin tower and whirl islands.

What legendary Pokemon can you find on Pokemon Heart Gold?

Well I do have the game. I did see suicune in it.

Can you show me a list of Pokemon you can get in platinum?

internet or a gamestop u can buy a book with all the pomkemon in platinum

Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Gold?

Ho-Oh and Lugia.Also the 3 Legendary dogs. Also I think Mewtwo and the 3 Legendary birds if you travel to Kanto later on in the game.

Can you get Deoxes the legendary phkic type Pokemon in Pokemon hart gold version?

No it is an event only pokemon.