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Q: What level are the legendary dogs in Pokemon gold?
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What are the legendary dogs in Pokemon Gold?


Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Gold?

Ho-Oh and Lugia.Also the 3 Legendary dogs. Also I think Mewtwo and the 3 Legendary birds if you travel to Kanto later on in the game.

How do you get the three legendary dogs in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Only by trading them from Gold, Silver or Crystal.

When you release the legendary dogs in Pokemon gold are they in your Pokedex as soon as you release them?

No, you have to encounter them first.

Where do you find the legendary dogs in Pokemon gold after the earteak city?

you find them roaming in the grass

Best team for Pokemon Gold?

Three legendary dogs, Ho-oh Lugia and a dragon type pokemon.

I just picked up Pokemon gold and i don't have the legendary dogs in my pokedex anymore?

That means your file has corrupted By the way, they are the legendary cats, not dogs. The Pokemon Company revealed that Raikou is a tiger, Entei is a lion, and Suicune is a cheetah.

What are poke Gods?

The closest thing to Poke gods would be the "Legendary" Pokemon, like the Legendary Birds in Red, Blue, and Yellow, or the Legendary Dogs, of Gold, Silver, and Cystal.

What moves do th legendary dogs learn on Pokemon gold version?

because lalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalala and that is why .............. al lalallalalalalallalalalala sory!

What are the names of three legendary dogs Pokemon gold version?

Entei (Fire), Raikou (Electric) and Suicune (Water)

In a Pokemon world magazine they were talking about HeartGold and SoulSilver and there was a screenshot of the legendary dogs are they maybe available to catch in that game?

Yes, the legendary dogs Suicune, Entei, and Raikou will be able to be caught in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.but don't forget the legendary Pokemon ho-oh and lugia

Where is raikou entei and Suicune in Pokemon gold?

When you first find the 3 legendary dogs, they are in the basement of Ecruteak's Burned Tower.